Bel Air Tremblant: Discover a new way of life

Voir la version française. The Montreal Guide Condo team set out to discover the Bel Air Tremblant project located in the heart of the Laurentians. This project, a few minutes from ...

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Promotions exclusives offertent sur Montréal Guide Condo

Montreal Guide Condo: The real estate Tuango

Version française ici There’s something new and exciting at Montreal Guide Condo! By offering exclusive promotions directly on our web platform, our directory of Quebec real estate projects is becoming ...

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7 Quick Points to Consider in Buying a Condo

Version française ici Choosing a condo to buy is an exciting event. It can be so exciting, in fact, that it might be easy to make a snap decision in ...

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Living Rosemont sur le Parc – Sweet and Inimitable Petite-Patrie

Version française She is finally ready to take the next step of her life: leave her apartment to move on and move into a condo. She is really looking forward ...

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Avenue 32 – The proximity of the city and the ease of the suburbs

Version française Strategically positioned at the intersections of Highway 20, downtown Montreal and the St. Lawrence River, the Avenue 32 project in the borough of Lachine is strategically positioned so ...

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Extérieur du projet Laval sur le lac

4 amazing new projects to discover in laval

Version française ici Being the largest suburb of Montreal and the third largest municipality in the province of Quebec, Laval has really come into its own. It continues to flourish ...

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Dufresne-Nincheri Museum: Stories within a Story

Version française ici If you go visit the Musée Dufresne-Nincheri (Château Dufresne), you will find a museum dedicated to the history of Montreal’s east end. Located in the borough Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, ...

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The Lachine Canal: Montreal’s High Line

With condo developments in construction on both sides, and the federal government about to invest $130 million in upgrades, the Lachine Canal can be one of the world’s great urban ...

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